Free trials are for 2 months. During trial period every feature and functions executed at testing level to check its benefits and achievement.
Contacts gets renewed every year for its optimal perfornace. For smoother execution of package, during contract all changes and suggestion executed within contract limitation.
All package can be started in 3 to 5 working days, this way you have no delay and freedom to start package.
No dedicated resource required. We work as partner to execute package. Your regular suggestion / guideline need for best performence.
Every issue registered immediately resolved based on severiarity level. In 1 to 5 working days.
Report changes or update as issue and we will update you with possibility and timeline to execute it.
Yes, website is important information for customer’s trust and knowledge. It’s not primary step but its necessary for long term.
Yes E-commerce website is important step to serve current customer need, now a days customer prefer to view/buy online before visiting store.
Current customer highly use mobile and multiple social media apps over internet. Business must promote their message on social media to reach maximum customer base. Videos and graphic are highly engaging social media objects.
Our SEO team work on your website for selected keywords to target required customer base. With SEO off-age and on page activity we can achieve 3-5 keywords on google first page in around 3 month time.
Best and repeatedly viewed video are feedback or testimonials from existing customers. Our expert work with your team and shoot, edit and present it on social media and website.
Customer make decision based on online reviews. When customer search online google show them review same time. So it’s very important to build positive google review to build trust among your customers. We work your team to create positive review from your clients.

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